Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We're Official

Dave & I are officially commissioned as "Campus Crusade For Christ" staff. We just got back from 8 days of training in Orlando. WOW! What an awesome week we had. It was so humbling to be there with so many people who have a heart for The Great Commission. It was so encouraging to hear the hearts of other believers as they shared their testimonies of how the Lord called them to a specific ministry. We felt proud to be a part of Campus Crusade, as there of over 27,000 missionaries sharing their faith across the globe! It was also neat for us to actually write out our testimonies and share it with others. Just doing that has confirmed our call even further. We did not realize how much of our past was being used to form us into what God has made us today. And for that we praise Him!

Upon our return home, we found our boys healthy and well taken care of. BIG thanks to my wonderful in-laws for their sacrifice in caring for our children. They enjoyed their time with their grandparents. And my boys were excited to know that they were our very first supporters!!!

The Lord has been trying to prepare me for what we are about to face this next year, but I'm afraid I didn't take it as seriously as I should have. I must admit it feels quite overwhelming. There is so much to do and I desperately need to order my day. Thankfully I will be done with homeschool soon, so won't have the distraction of schoolwork. Please keep our family in your prayers as we try to figure out what our "New Normal" will be, and that we can quickly return to our "Old Normal". : ) Although I don't think that moving to a place we have never known can qualify as our old normal. So I guess it will be another "New Normal".

God has revealed Himself so much to us in the past six months, we are still overwhelmed. I just pray that we keep our focus on Him and that our lives are a reflection of His glory. He is good and His love endures forever!

To the one who is able to keep us from falling......

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