Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why I love Jesus

In the blogging world, I guess you get "Tagged" to post certain things on your blog. I have been "Tagged" To tell 5 reasons why I love Jesus. ONLY 5!?! I can do that - easy!

1. I love Jesus because He gave His life for me, so I can be forgiven. Lately, as I have grown closer to Him, my sin is so much more clear (like Isaiah when he was in God's presence and saw himself in all his sin). So as my sin is before me, and I repent, I am continually reminded of His grace and mercy!

2. It is because of Jesus' death on the cross that I can have the power of the Holy Spirit in me. Without His daily guidance, moment by moment guidance, I would be directionless and purposeless.

3. I love Jesus because He really does meet my every need! When I think I need something other than Him, He is always faithful to show me where I get my satisfaction-It truly IS in Christ alone!

4. I love Jesus because I can trust Him. I love that I do not have to fear anything in life because He promises to be with me - He promises to never leave me nor forsake me - and He promises to complete the work He started in me. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO TRUST HIM?

5. I love Jesus because HE IS! He IS everything I need Him to be. He is my strength, He is my healer; He is my comforter, He is my provider; He is my shelter, He is my joy. His love is better than life! He is my all in all!

WOW! That was fun! I do not have any blogging friends besides the one who "tagged" me. So I will ask those of you who check this site, to post 5 things that you love about Jesus in the comment section. They can be brief. I would love to read them, and I think you will not regret doing it!

May Jesus be all you need today and every day!!!!!


Anonymous said...

5 reasons I love Jesus

1-Because He first loved me!
2-Because He sacrificed himself for me!
3-Because I can depend on Him for everything!
4-Because He knows all about me(and He still loves me)!
5-Because He is coming back for me someday!

Laura Levasseur

Shelly said...

HEHE! You crack me up girl! I loved reading your reasons. My heart bears witness with them...

Your heart for Him is beautiful...

Anonymous said...